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Dispute resolution

Offboarding Process Guide

Employee turnover is inevitable in any organisation. Whether an employee leaves your company voluntarily or involuntarily, with an offboarding process in place, you can ensure

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HR Hype hiring young worHR Hype hiring young workers & apprenticeskers & apprentices

Hiring young workers

Employing young people can provide a number of advantages to a company, including the ability to satisfy staffing demands, build an employer brand, and construct

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is a director an employee
Talent retention

When is a director an employee?

Whether a director is an employee is an important consideration for tax and employment right purposes, as well as other statutory requirements. Below we examine

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national minimum wage rates
Talent retention

National minimum wage rates

By. law, employers must pay a minimum amount for the hours someone works. For workers aged 23 or over, this is called the National Living

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